What Is The Principal Dental Equipment?


The leading equipment is essential for any specialty, such as the dental chair, autoclave, compressor, light-curing unit, X-ray, and the ultrasonic vat. Equipment such as the dental laser, the intraoral scanner, the intraoral camera, among others, are optional equipment and help to improve the patient’s treatment by the professional.

Here’s a list of some of this Dental Equipment:

Dental Chair

The dental chair is the leading equipment of a dental office. This needs to be functional and comfortable. The treatment needs to be carried out with comfort for the patient and precision by the professional. The equipment table is a complement to the dental chair. It is a support for the tray of materials and other instruments for the service.

The foot control is also a complementary device to the dental chair. Activates chair functions and controls instrument rotation.

Dental Compressor

The dental compressor supplies compressed air to the dental chair, bicarbonate jet, ultrasound, suction, and micromotor.

It is a piece of equipment considered essential to the office. The compressor location needs to be away from or protected from the clinical environment to avoid contamination.


The autoclave performs the sterilization of dental instruments used by dentists. It is essential equipment to have in the office.

Bicarbonate/Ultrasound Jet

It is a device that helps remove tartar, bacterial plaque, and, consequently, better precaution for the patient. It is commonly used in dental offices, regardless of the professional’s specialty.

The ultrasound pen is also widely used to remove supragingival, subgingival, and interdental tartar. Clean the root canal, condense gutta-percha, open and widen calcified canals. Remove pins and fractured instruments, clean the canal and remove decayed tissue in the interdental region.

Curing Light

The Curing Light is a piece of compact and essential equipment in various types of dental treatments. The LED on the curing light tip emits a beam of blue light that activates the compounds of some materials to fix them.


The X-ray machine allows the professional to have access to radiography in his office. This test is inexpensive and aids in diagnosis.

The best X-ray equipment has an articulated arm with smooth movements and easy positioning. It is essential to consider radiation isolation for the protection of professionals and patients.

Ultrasonic Vessel

It is used to clean instruments through the cavitation process, which aims to create billions of microbubbles that collide and break, promoting deep and complete cleaning.

Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a device that allows you to copy the patient’s teeth and gums. The entire structure of the oral cavity is then projected onto a computer screen and visualized in 3D. This equipment from medicraft allows for greater precision in diagnosis and simplifies techniques for different specialties in Dentistry.

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