What Exactly Is Suspension Parameter Measurement? Find Here!


Ever wondered what goes before the actual launch of a vehicle? Various aspects, right from design to safety and steering, must be tested, accounted, and reported, and that’s where vehicle testing services come in the picture. One of the key tests is called suspension testing. The purpose of suspension parameter measurement is to investigate road behavior by recreating the details. While suspension testing may seem like a standard investigation tests, it helps auto makers when it comes to innovations and improving their models.

In case of suspension parameter measurement, specific machines are used, which can help in taking measurements of both steering and suspension, by simulating situations that may have occurred or may occur in the real world. Here’s more on aspects worth knowing.

The basics

There is no denying that suspension parameter measurement is extremely critical for designing vehicles and developing current designs further. More important, such testing can help in finding more details during an accident investigation. The steps in the process may vary. For example, the best companies test suspension by hold the model steady and exerting pressure. The force or pressure can be used and controlled as needed, so the results are precise and accurate in the truest sense. If the vehicle is performing or had performed as expected can be determined using such machines, which are also used for steering systems.

Testing steering systems

In case of steering systems, the tests are similar to that of suspension. Dynamic testing can be done when required, while static testing is also needed for different investigation needs. The details are recorded and presented in a format, to know more on how vehicle maneuvering systems may have had an impact on an accident, or perform on road after the model is launched.

Other things to know

There are only a handful of companies that specialize in suspension parameter measurement, and they can accommodate testing all kinds of vehicle. Testing and working on key performance factors have aided automobile makers in finding better ways to design new models. In case of accident investigations, suspension parameter measurement is used to know more on causal factors, and to what extent a vehicle might have influenced the outcome of an incident. This kind of testing is often done specialized companies in their in-house facilities, with due care and attention.

To know more on suspension parameter measurement and other tests that vehicles must go through for various reasons, check online now.

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