The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Technology


We live in a world that is engulfed in technological change. Every day, the technology that surrounds us grows more and more powerful, with new and improved editions, models and updates make the wave of technological change tough to keep up with. In fact, the more that technology improves, the quicker that this rate of improvement becomes. Perhaps the biggest catalyst in this has been the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence allows for technology to teach itself, to learn and to grow, without the help of any human input. It is autonomous in its improvement. This is frightening to say the least. However, it may be extremely empowering to the human species. The reason why it is frightening is due to the thought that it will learn exponentially, eventually making us humans become redundant.  This has been seen in many industries as workers lose their jobs to AI technologies. However, we have to learn to work alongside artificial intelligence, and this will only come by adopting it into our everyday lives. Here are some advantages and disadvantages that artificial intelligence is having on technology.

The Closure of Industry

Artificial intelligence is learning, fast. The more it is used the better it becomes. AI systems can now beat the world’s best player in the ancient Chinese game of Go. This is amazing. However, this powerful technology can be used to do jobs that humans were once required to do. Examples of this are autonomous cars. Think about the effect that this technology will have. Those employed in the transport industry, taxis, truck drivers and pilots may all soon lose their job. The question remains; how comfortable will people be getting into a car with a robot behind the wheel?

The Development of Autonomous Monitoring

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can now monitor data, inputs and processes without the need for humans. This is both good and bad. On one hand, technologies like the vt scada system allow for accurate monitoring around the clock, removing the possibility of human error. However, this has drastic consequences when one thinks of all the jobs that will be lost. What is needed is the government to step in to accommodate the integration of artificial intelligence so that workers are not losing out.

It can be overwhelming keeping up with technological advancements. However, artificial intelligence is nothing to be scared or worried about. It will change the course of human history and we can use it to our benefit.


Karma Darwin
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