Forest Fire Detection: An Effective Solution To Prevent Even More Significant Damage!


Agricultural fires are shared all over the world is no different. This disaster occurs in the country’s 8 million hectares of forests planted with eucalyptus and pine. In addition to destroying vegetation and causing a significant environmental impact, fires generate economic and social losses. Prevention is carried out through forest fire detection systems. Want to know more about it? Keep reading this article! visit website for more info

Forest Fires: A Severe Problem Around The World!

Forest fires burn 3% of the planet’s land area every year. If we do not control this problem, carbon emissions will further accelerate climate change and cause irreversible damage to the environment and the population.

Forest burning can cause several serious problems, such as:

  • eviction of the population living close to the fire;
  • loss of soil quality;
  • death of wild animals;
  • destruction of plant biodiversity;
  • increased emission of carbon dioxide (CO2);
  • worsening of the greenhouse effect;
  • harm to human health.

How Does The Forest Fire Detection System Work?

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that the evolution of satellite technology helps to locate and monitor fires. The forest fire detection system can identify both small sources of smoke and the advancement of large flames. For this, scientists use the data as a model to know where the subsequent fire will be and take preventive measures. The solutions applied for this type of prudence are:


Monitoring by cameras and smoke sensors is an excellent ally in the fight against forest fires. The photographic equipment captures 360º high-definition images, controlling the entire rural area 24 hours a day.

In addition, detection algorithms identify the smoke location and triangulate the coordinates, providing accurate fire source information. Allied to technology, a brigade team is prepared to control the flames immediately.

The forest fire detection system makes available all topographic conditions and allows the authorities to act quickly. With the agility of high monitoring technology, the firefighting effort is less and much more significant. In this sense, the intention is to ensure that the focus of the flames does not evolve into a fire of great magnitude.

Monitoring Towers

Surveillance of rural spaces is carried out by monitoring towers equipped with:

  • Total HD infrared or thermal cameras;
  • weather station;
  • repeaters for radio communication.

Patrol of forest areas is done using standard or thermal cameras. While the first model offers a long-range view, the second identifies fires from kilometers away through temperature measurement.

All data is encrypted and sent to the monitoring center of, where trained professionals will be attentive to any eventuality. visit website for more info

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