Considerations when Hiring a Security Guard


If you have never worked with a security company before or have never hired security services. You will be faced with a few different choices. It is possible to hire untrained people for less money, and perhaps there are some situations where that can work. But in most cases, it is essential to find the best people for the job.

Background Check: When your goal is to avoid being a victim of crime, having an applicant provide a clean criminal background check is a good start. The background should come from the appropriate government office and issued within the last year. If you hire a security guard from a security company (called จ้าง รปภ บริษัทรักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai), they will already have gone through these steps in most cases.

  • Drug Screening: Just as you want to make sure potential guards have a clean criminal record, it is also good to request a drug test. You want to make sure that your security personnel will be alert and focused on the job at hand and not prone to criminal activity.
  • References: The more experience, the better. Collect a resume and a list of past employers. References are the quickest way to discover the actual quality of the applicant. Interview the applicant about past jobs to learn the level of responsibility they have been trusted with, and what type of guard work they were involved in.
  • Training: There are many different levels of training. From the resume, you will determine who is the most professional and qualified for the job. If everything else is equal, the level of training should be the deciding factor. You might be surprised at the qualifications; many former police and military personnel are looking for a less stressful occupation.
  • Communication Skills: In the case of insurance claims or accidents. It is important that your representative can write an accurate and literate report. You can test this in the interview. Have them view a clip from a movie, then describe in writing what happened. Check for accuracy and concise language.

Another thing you should consider is fitness level and personal hygiene. Even if it might seem inappropriate to discriminate for such things. A security guard is your representative, and you have the right to hire the best people for the job. Their fitness and cleanliness will affect their performance and credibility. If you consider all of these criteria, you should have an easy decision to make. If it’s a close call, go with the person you feel you can trust. A personal connection is sometimes more reliable than credentials

Karma Darwin
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